👋 My name is
William Kennedy

I'm a professional Web Developer who likes to make awesome things. I have contributed to open-source and help small to medium sized businesses. This is the best photo of me I could find.

What I do

Full Stack Developer

Here are things about me that may interest you. There listed like it's some sort of dating profile. Maybe I will be able to woo you over.

Ruby On Rails
7 years building with the world's most productive web framework
Tailwind CSS
A utility first approach to styling your site. Make stylesheets a thing of the past(for the most part)
JavaScript (Stimulus.js, React, Native)
To make your users go WOW. Generally framework agnostic
Databases (postgres, mysql, Firebase, Mongo, Elasticsearch)
Postgres is my preference but I won't deny the power of MySql
Boring Technology Choices
I pick boring technologies that just work, I don't take chances on the new shiny must-have until they have proven themselves
Server Management
I usually use Digital Ocean with a Ubuntu droplet. My web servers are usually NGINX or Apache
I work best with people that want to get stuff done. I have been self-employed with a successful business for many years now.
The fastest way to build interactive websites
Yes I am friendly. I like having fun and chatting with people.
Other tidbits
Have used Python, Salesforce, Docusign, PHP, WordPress and the list goes on. If you're stuck and need someone but I don't tick all the boxes, just email me and I will put you in touch with someone.

Learn to Build Android, iOS and Rails Apps using Hotwire

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What people say about me

I've had some happy clients.

We have worked with William Kennedy for over three years and he has been a significant catalyst in the growth of our company. His IT expertise across our whole site has been superb and has enabled us to remain one of the leading Irish sites for life insurance. We view William as our 12th man and a key member of the team and since he started with us , we have seen all our metrics from sales to KPI’s show a sustained improvement.

Peter O'Reilly
Managing Director, Low.ie

We have worked with William for over 3 years. Before that we had used marketing agencies to build the website. We found these websites difficult to manage, slow and impossible to update. William gave us effective control over our costs, the site and the speed. Another issue in the past for us was when errors arose we found it hard to have them easily identified and fixed. We now have full control over our evolving and ever growing website which is fast and flexible thanks to William’s personal attention.

Livecosts has worked with William for the past 2 years . He has successfully contributed significantly to the development of key areas of our application. Here at Livecosts we see William as one of the team, he has his deep knowledge of software while being very easy to work with. Recommend.

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