The surface is easy to pierce by shovel, but dig past the topsoil, and you will soon land upon a layer of small stones.

Keep digging.

After the removal of small stones, you keep digging. Soon, the stones go from pebbles to rocks. You reach a point where you can’t budge the rocks out of the way by shovel.

Grab them with your hands and throw them aside.

Pick up your shovel.

Keep digging.

A layer of rock meets you, and no shovel will pierce. Get the jackhammer.

Turn it on, smash past that floor.

Scoop it aside with your hands, then pick up your shovel again.

Keep digging.

Don’t ever stop digging. No matter what rock gets in your way. There is a way around it.

The diamond is deep down, ready to be clasped with your open hand.

No matter what, keep digging.

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