Steve Jobs Introduces the PWA:Progressive Web App

Steve Jobs Introduced the PWA back in 2007

Back in 2007, we got this excellent but brief introduction to the PWA.

You can write amazing web 2.0 and Ajax apps that look exactly like apps on the iPhone. These apps can integrate perfectly with the iPhone services. They can make a call, look up a location on Google Maps.

He even spoke about the excellent distribution provided by a web server.

Just change the code on your own server rather than having to go through this really complex update process.

There is one problem with PWAs. There would be no 30% cut to Apple. There is no way to analyse binaries to steal innovation, curb competition from developers, or exert power.

For all the talk about profit driving innovation, it seems it can also stop innovation. 30% per cent goes a long way to helping a small business. It can hire another developer, help with customer service or even promote further research.

It seems to be because of government that we will finally have a free market.
The Digital Markets Act in Europe is gathering steam even though Apple is fighting back through what can only be described as malicious compliance.

Maybe Steve Jobs’s vision about the PWA will come through after all.

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