Announcing the Developer of One Newsletter

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I get to build apps that work on every device using Hotwire. I’ve made a dozen of them. My enthusiasm for Hotwire even led to me going viral from a joke that took 2 minutes to create.

After my recent Turbo Android series, I took a look at my analytics and realised that there is a lot of people who want to build Turbo native apps.

I would love to learn more if you are one of those people. I’m starting a newsletter called the Developer of One primarily because I want to research and learn more from people who want to develop—Turbo Native and Ruby on Rails apps.

Enter your name and email in the box below if you’re interested.

There won’t be too many emails, just me sharing what I’ve learned, plus some interesting tidbits from around the web.

The aim is to help drive the adoption of Turbo Native. By showing people how to build native apps using our existing Rails codebase as the base, we can continue the rebellion against big javascript.

Why is it called “Developer of One”?

For some reason, everyone underestimates just how effective a small team can be. I once worked at a start-up that spent €10Million on an MVP.

They hired Dev-ops, iOS, Android, and Backend engineers.

They started with micro-services over monoliths…pretty much did everything big companies do. The problem was that they did them before they even had a product.

Two developers could have built what they built in under four weeks with Rails, Turbo Native and strict adherence to the church of the monolith. Yet, the temptation to spend investor money loomed large.

Developer of One is the catch-all term I use to describe people who can do it all. The 80/20 developer can run a successful product because they eschew the industry and pick the right tool for the job

Learn to Build Android, iOS and Rails Apps using Hotwire

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